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No matter in what mud you are, I will support you with love, compassion and spirit, to grow your own beautiful lotus flower and become the best version of yourself

I am happy you found your way to me.

We, especially women, are living in intense times of high requirements of the daily tasks in work and private life while going through a vibrational upgrade to the 5th dimension.

For most of us, it is constantly overwhelming. Our love relationships and femininity suffer from this constant pressure deeply.

We are in need to be more focused on our soul to stay healthy, happy, and in our full power as a woman.

We are all goddesses and deserve to be treated like one.

The only way out is to enhance the purity of our soul, connect with spirit and take time to maintain ourselves as spiritual beings.

Therefore I am here to help you to empower yourself to be free. Get back your feminine power and become your own goddess of Lotus. I show you light, and healing is within you by connecting with the spirit.

And finally, I support you to reach peace of mind and be able to live a life full of love and happiness and fulfilled relationships.


I’m Janine

I am psychic, spiritual coach, healer, tarot reader, love converter

It is my calling to help humanity. My abilities to see into the depths as psychic are a special benefit to help to discover your truth. I can see the root problems of your struggles and support you step by step to be fundamentally healed on every level of soul-mind-body.

My guidance from spirit and connection to the compassion Buddha Kuan Yin and other feminine goddesses gives me the power to serve you in the way for the higher best.

The results of my coaching-healing-reading Sessions have a sustainable impact to your life and are truly life changing.


Be like water and go the way of the lowest resistance


Emotional Crisis Management
Emotional Crisis
Spiritual Coaching
Women Empowerment
Grab your free gifts

My dearest, this audio and pdfs are created exclusively for you and nowhere else available. They gain sacred wisdom and methods for your spiritual wellbeing and healing.

Love to share this with YOU!


Janine Wolf Mockup

Mantra Prayer for Compassion

Janine Wolf Mockup

Smile Meditation

Janine Wolf Mockup

5 Special Mantras and Affirmation to increase the Femininity

Janine Wolf Mockup

Wie du deine Beziehung richtig trennen kannst

At the times you are confused, just be silent and listen to your soul


Stairways to heaven
your spiritual awakening

Open your mind and be inspired trough my spiritual insights lead by my wisdom from past lives memories, from the teachings of my gurus and guidance from my spirit helpers.

Feel the enchanting energy of my healing voice and whisper (AMSR)


All you need is love and it starts with selflove


LoVE’n SpiRIT is a spiritual Cult especially created for the modern, spiritual young women, which is much into selflove and true emancipation. She is a very intuitive being and willing to cooperate with the help of spirituality to connect with the higher self and the divine.

I help you by your self-healing and thus come back to your feminine power to live up to your full potential as a woman.

Through healing and guidance to self-love, you become able to love again and can thereby get a fulfilling relationship live without emotional dependence.

Therefore, I have created several methods, services and products which will benefit you I many ways…


Stay in your heart and you will never fail

How to cut your relationship and let go


Many of us have had several break ups in the past with our partners, lovers, friends with benefits and close friends.

This is not unusual, but we never realised if we go physically apart, from the ones we once used to be in love or very close, we are not automatically separated on a soul and mind level.

Mostly we keep connected over the soul by memories and carry this with as a sticker in our Aura.

This can be a huge obstacle to get into any kind new fulfilling relationships. Even though we are confused why we can’t find true love.

Here I present you the solution (copyright janine-wolf.com) for this issue with a compact ritual to clean up all the energies from past relationships.


How to cut your relationships

Observing- understanding- learning- move on

Work with me


With my extensive life experiences, paranormal skills, spiritual wisdom and knowledge of coaching, I am predestined to work as a powerful life coach, especially for LoVE’n SpiRIT women, but also for human in life crisis and transformation situations.


Tarot is one of my passions. As a second-generation Tarot reader, I have been helping hundreds of clients. My Tarot Sessions are readings, healing, coaching all in one and special sustainable for any kind of issues.


It is my calling to heal and I have been given a huge spiritual power which I am receiving as a divine vessel to help humanity. I work from distance with the power of unconditional love and compassion which is inspired by the beauty of the compassion Buddha Kuan Yin and God’s mercy.

Client Love

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