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My name is Janine, and my soul is named I-in.

I was born on the 19. August, in the year of fire goat as a Leo with Libra as my ascendent, Moon in Aquarius.

Already as a child, I was empathetic and predicted. I have always been searching for deeper meaning in life, which never stopped. I was always a very wild and free spirit, which once in a while had to be tamed – to become more humble and grateful in life. I’ve been deeply spiritual with a strong belief in God ever since.

My spiritual path began when I started meditating at a young age. Later on, I learned to do Yoga, and I got more and more into spirituality. But the deeper I followed my path, the more I faced complex challenges in my life. It didn’t make me leave my way; no, actually, it led me to move further on the spiritual path as I could feel that it was my mission. I traveled all around the world. I saw many places and mixed up with different kinds of people. I always felt the longing to understand their lives and suffering.

I had a lot of experiences in romantic love, especially when I was younger.
Later on, two different life relationships influenced my life, with particular challenges such as multiculturalism and substantial age differences. It wasn’t always easy, but thanks to that, I have learned my lessons, and now I feel like an expert on relationships.

When working, I experienced various kinds and fields as an employee and entrepreneur. One big passion is my work as a tarot coach in one of the world’s largest internet portals. I had many valuable experiences, especially counseling people from all around the world for their relationships.

All my different kinds of experiences led me to where I am now. I have lived in Asia for many years, and where I felt a strong connection and experienced even more spiritual growth, it has inspired my work profoundly. Daily yoga and meditations, Tao healing rituals, and prayers give me the power to have a clear view and to be able to look into the depths.

I am happy that inspiring mentors accompany my way, which are His Holiness Sri Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti, Ramesh Balsekar, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

​In addition to the great classical spiritual works, I have been studying a lot about quantum physics and the law of attraction—this knowledge I use in my coaching, sessions, and readings.

Due to my high perception, my gift to connect with people’s feelings, my big heart, and love for humanity, and my various experiences, it is my vocation and duty to work as a life coach, healer, and spiritual teacher.

All is one. I believe we are all connected. Nothing happens without God’s will. The way of each of our lives has already been written and follows the divine order. This is my mission. I am here to awaken you, your hearts and souls, to unite the humanity and divinity within themselves.

I am…

  • Intuitive life coach: I can assist you with personal and spiritual coaching, crisis and stress management
  • Tarot card reader: I can help you with small to big issues, guidance and imputes for decisions in love and relationship, job and career, business and finances, home and family, health and spirituality
  • Astrological life coach: Newly learned skills which help me to understand more about my clients
  • Psychic: High perception, empathetic and clairaudient. Connecting from soul to soul and heart to heart, compassionate and comforting, I feel with and for you
  • Spiritual teacher:  I can teach and advise you on various topics of spirituality, especially meditation and healing
  • Holistic healer: I provide natural healing with the tool of Mediation, Mantra, and Mudras, Pranayama and Mindfulness technique, Tao healing, Mental healing by Clemens Kuby, EFT (Emotional freedom tapping) Quantum healing, Invocation prayers and Ceremonies for redemption and liberation by Anton Styger, blessings, protection practice from negative energies, forgiveness and gratitude rituals, affirmations, chakras cleansing and other methods
  • Energy transmitter: Transmitting Energy of unconditional love to improve of your health and welfare, distance healing for any kind of disease and issues, blessings
  • Motivational speaker: My motivating speech empowers you and helps you focus on positivity
  • Philanthropist: It is my calling and desire to promote the welfare of others. Because we are all one!
  • Universal servant of humanity: I am honored to be a divine vessel
  • Lifelong student: Permanent and advanced studies at the University of Life
  • Ambassador of love: I love myself and it is my duty to spread love everywhere
  • Freedom fighter: Never tired to protect the universal law of the freedom of the soul

Client Love

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