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Blue Water

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Blue Water
Blue Water

Dear souls, minds, hearts and bodies, may love, peace and harmony be with you!

Dear everybody, thank you for joining me and inspiring me with your presence.

Here I take the possibility to talk about why the colors of my website are blue and turquoise, and the main topic of the illustrations is water.

Blue is the color of spiritual power, higher mental and psychic faculties, and the subjective mind. This spiritual color is also the color of the sky and sea. Blue is an important healing color as it is linked with calm and serenity.

Indigo is blue with a small amount of clear red. The red in indigo intensifies the blue and gives it greater power. Indigo indicates a rather high degree of selfless spirituality. Its presence within the aura denotes a person who is earnestly seeking spiritual truth, for positive and selfless ends. Its absence within the aura speaks as loudly as does its presence.

Turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. In the process it can appear to be on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, until it balances itself. This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. It heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity. It can help us to build our self-esteem and to love ourselves, which in turn supports our ability to love others unconditionally. Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul.

The symbolism of water has a universal undertone of purity and fertility.

In Taoist tradition, water is considered an aspect of wisdom. The concept here is that water takes on the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance. Here the symbolic meaning of water speaks of a higher wisdom we may all aspire to mimic.

Interestingly, we are all made of water and this is the symbol of circulation, life, cohesion and birth. The creative waters of the earth (sea, lakes, rivers and springs) are like the fluids found in our own body (like blood, etc.).

Symbolic Water Meanings – The Highlights:

  • Life
  • Motion
  • Renewal
  • Blessing
  • Intuition
  • Reflection
  • Subconscious
  • Fertilization
  • Purification
  • Transformation

This is all connected with the way I work and my whole philosophy.

Cleaning is one of the first and most important step of healing, getting into spirituality and improving of any situation.

There is so much dirt sticking on us and needs to be cleaned and released every day, again and again. We are human and tend to get dirty!

For a constant development of our soul one of the most important is purifying thoughts, feelings, actions and attitude. Every day, at the end of the day we have to watch ourselves and think about the day, our thoughts, feelings and actions. What was less good and we should work on, do it better the next day. What should we let go and to whom should we forgive? Ourselves, our loved ones our neighbors our working college and so many more. This is like the daily shower we take after a hard working day, an inner shower. We should do this like we take a water shower, automatically, every day!

Another powerful tool is mediation which should be used as well routine every day for inter alia for cleaning. I am going to talk much more about it in my coming blogs.

In this sense let’s start to do our daily cleansing with a real water shower and while we are showering saying a little prayer:

Dear divine, creator god, dear soul, spirit and body of this water, I love you all, I adore and thank you all. Please now clean my body, mind and soul on all cellular levels with this beautiful and clear divine crystal water. Please protect me today and ever from any energy that is not in the frequency of divine crystal light and unconditional love.

I am very grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please all my dear clients, sisters and brothers try to do this prayer every morning and every time you take a shower.

I am looking forward to hear from you about your experiences.

Send you blessings!

May love, peace and harmony be with you!


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