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Overcome anxiety – freeing of social anxiety – release from depression


* Depression
* Anxiety
* Fear
* Social anxiety


Through my work we will discover the roots of your emotional stress. Mainly the roots are based in childhood or past relationships or even in karma. This is affecting all layers of your life through all times. On every level of being, such as soul mind and body.

Basically, it is the soul which is over matter. Whatever is not in order on a deep soul level has a huge impact to mind and body too.

Once we discovered the roots we will focus on the next steps:

1. Releasing this blockage in energy
2. Healing of past and old wounds
3. Reset the soul mind and body program

This is a huge process which can happen just as quickly as well very slow too.
Important conditions of attitude and heart are our most powerful helpers in this process

1. Forgiveness
2. Acceptance of the past and current situation,
3. self-love
4. Compassion
5. Understanding of others
6. Change of attitude
7. Few from bird perspective
8. Understanding of higher connections and divine order
9. Spiritual knowledge
10. Understanding of nature laws


  • 1. Peace of mind
  • 2. Emotional strength and stability


  • 1. Powerful coaching talks
  • 2. Mediation
  • 3. Pranayama
  • 4. Prayers / liberation rituals
  • 5. Mantra / Affirmations / Blessings
  • 6. EFT (Emotional freedom tapping)
  • 7. Mental healing
  • 8. Distance healing / energy transmissions
  • 9. Tarot
  • 10. Tao / Reiki hea


  • 1. Recorded video coaching talk sessions
  • 2. E-mail
  • 3. Live chats
  • 4. Audio calls

Tailormade offers appropriate to your needs and possibilities
Please contact me for more information

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