How to let go of your past… even when you feel stuck not knowing how to move on

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Reading my E-book will give you insight on your greater self, you will feel eased, centered, rejuvenated and ready for a new beginning, attracting positive energy around you. This will help with cutting ties with any negative energy you subconsciously bring from your past, bringing your aura energy level to an equilibrium.

The 6 Benefits of this FREE Guide!

You will be centered, free of any grief, and any other negative emotions you hold from your past experiences

Negative emotions such as hate, fear, disappointment, and any kind of frustrating feelings we have towards our ex-lovers or friends resides within us until taken care of. Holding on to such emotions feed the negative energy making it stronger.

Your soul will be complete again

By having attachments, we lose parts of our soul, which we give to our loved ones. It is naturally happening, but we are not aware about it. Your ex’s will feel the freeing at the same time, even though they may not be aware of it.

Feel lighter, released, rejuvenated, energized

After cutting the energetic and emotional treat to any of your past relationships, you will feel released, free from burden and blockages. Only then you will have access to a form of energy, that has always resided within you. Helping you grow mentally and spiritually forming the Law of Attraction.

You will be ready again for a new relationship or friendships

After you have cleared your chakras, you will be spiritually open for a new connection. May it be a romantic one or a new friendship. This will give you a chance to start fresh, stronger than ever before. Bringing light, prosperity, happiness, and a long-lasting bond.

You will have positive impact to other layers of your life, like career and abundance

By releasing all the blockages which have been caused by the negative emotions you have still cared By awareness or unconsciously you never found peace of mind and it has affected every layer of your life in a negative way. Letting go all this will bring you back into the flow and you are back on track.


I am Janine a psychic, spiritual coach, healer, tarot card reader and love converter. I have been blessed with these abilities with the guidance of my spirit and the compassion Buddha Kuan Yin and other feminine goddesses. It is my calling to help individuals seeking a path, to help you discover your truth. My abilities allow me to see the roots of the problem which allows to guide you on path that will fundamentally heal you on every level, mind, body, and soul. The results of my coaching-healing-reading Sessions have a sustainable impact to your life and are truly life changing.

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