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Giving back to Indonesia

From the viewpoint of Spirituality, if we get any income we need to pay pack something to the universe. In this sense I am giving back 3% to Indonesia from all the payed amounts for booked coaching packages.

I have been staying in Bali for most of the time over the last 10 years, benefited with a lot of inspiration, healing and sunshine.

Indonesia is underdeveloped, most chronically in human capital, because of a lack of investment in human capital, combined with a culture that neglects individual empowerment. There is many projects which need to be donated. I will choose several of those, just by following my intuition.

If you are very content with the result of your coaching/healing and would like to donate more please contact me. Thank you and blessings to Indonesia and the whole universe!

Client Love

Message www.janine-wolf.com on WhatsApp. https://www.janine-wolf.com/giving-back/
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