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How would it feel to have your own personal healer for you and your family at home to solve all of your health issues for a reasonable price?


Have you ever been stressed with all the little pains and unpleasantness of yourself or your family?

Ask yourself what to use to get a feeling of well-being every day and high energy?

Wondered how some people are constantly fit, balanced and in their amazingly full power?

You know EXACTLY about what I'm talking about...
These people seem to have a spring of energy; they are always smiling, sparkling, and shining. They have stable health and are always in their full power. They are productive and successful and always ready for new challenges!
What are these people doing? How can they be always fit and healthy even reached a certain age? Who are these people?!

What is the difference between you and them?

If you compare with them, you see yourself often facing little health issues, lack of energy, and seldom have a day in your top shape. You are trying your best to be in form but still not reach the goal of consistency and sustainability.

But you have to think these people must be using up many remedies and methods to get themselves in top shape and always in full energy, right?

How much money did they spend on fitness and well-being? What is their secret?
Let me explain to you!

Well, what if they have no specific secret?

What if those "super energy and health" could be delivered to you through one device connected to your phone and sending you precisely the right energy you need to be constantly fit, healthy, and balanced?

Hi, my name is Janine. I am a spiritual Coach, healer & energy master, psychic, and Tarot reader.

In the last 20 years, I have helped many people reach health, wealth through peace of mind and energy mastering. I have studied the science of quantum physics, as well as the fundamental principles of spirituality.

As well, I have been practicing many spiritual methods and became a master of energy healing. I can measure people's energy, rooms, and things and discover the roots of stagnation and energy blockages and give advice for the remedies.

I recently discovered Healy, and I would like to share my experience and understanding about it. It does precisely what I do: Energy healing from the finest, based on quantum physics's newest knowledge.

I always try to show my clients how they can heal themselves and not depend on me and my work. It is self-responsibility and self-awareness which we need to upgrade in these times.

We need to learn how to be self-sufficient when it comes to health, well-being, and spiritual development. With the Healy, I have now found an instrument that I can recommend to my little ones and fully support it.

And Healy is entirely in alignment with this vision!

HEALY - A new Quantum wearable technology for optimal Well Being!

HEALY is the newest invention in healthcare.

HEALY is a wearable holistic wellness device used to balance the body's energetic field and activate your self-healing capacity.

HEALY has medical as well as non medical applications that use individualised frequencies to help balance your mind and body and to relieve stress.



What is Healy?

  • A quantum sensor wearable device that can access to your health database within the Informational Field (covering all aspects - physical functions, energy bodies, chakras, meridians, mental activity... ) also called the Akashic Records in the East.
  • A simple app on your phone to use the Healy, interfacing the data analyzed and selecting the frequency programs to deliver directly in your body, adjusting energetical deficiencies or imbalances in real time
  • The Healy(TM) has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a bioenergetic resonance device to relieve pain, stress, along with balancing your mind and body through the use of individualized frequencies

This is how the Healy works

The quantum sensor in this device access your Quantum informational field, read the frequencies/energies that you are in resonance with and select the one that you need at this moment.

The device can deliver the frequencies to you in 2 ways: micro electric current passing through electrodes plugged in your physical body or direct broadcasting of frequencies in your quantum field without skin contact.

Healy device provides a panel of 147 programs available to deal with pain, detox, fitness, beauty, stress, sleep, meridians, organs, chakras, and so on.

This device is the only one that scans every 10 seconds what frequency you need and adjusts the program to your needs in real-time.

There is countless ways of using the energies provided trough Healy from the quantum informational field to bring your soul, mind and body back into balance


Here is some features you can get


HEALY - Bioenergetic Balance

The Healy Bioenergetic Balance 1 program is available as part of the device bundled programs on the HOLISTIC HEALTH, HOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS, and the HEALY RESONANCE models but you can also purchase this program individually to add to your GOLD model!

Bio-energetic Balance 1 contains a compilation of the most common applications in everyday life, selected according to the experience of our users.


HEALY - Beauty /Skin

The Healy Skin program is available as part of the device bundled programs on the HOLISTIC HEALTH, HOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS, and the HEALY RESONANCE models but you can also purchase this program individually to add to your and GOLD model!


HEALY - Energetic aura healing-reading

The aura reading and healing is only available as a part of HEALY RESONANCE.

Aura reading looks into your life patterns, traumas and other blockages or mental barriers that have built up during your life. We look into emotions and thoughts,, relationships, personal and professional development, and more. .As I am a blessed with a universal energy channel, this allows me toobtain a certain information in order to identify the underlying issues and causes of where the blockages com from.

My positive impact Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with your HEALY! You will be happy and be sure it was the best you ever purchased in your life. it will have a huge positive impact on your well-being and all levels of your life.

If you have no results in between 14 days, after using Healy on you and your family I'll send back every penny you paid.

This is what others say...


  • Micro electric currents tuned with the appropriate frequencies restore the cell membrane tension
  • Energy flows in all your cells, and intra-cell communication is optimized
  • We let go quickly of what is not any more appropriate and channel fresh cosmic and earth energies most coherently through the healing frequencies
  • A lot of vital energy, less sleep needed positive thoughts, a feeling of confidence, strength and joy, and the sensation of being whole again
  • Healy doesn't heal you. It brings you to an optimal state where you heal yourself
  • And so much more... Everyone describes the effects in their way as we are all unique

Does it feel too expensive?
I know it might feel like an expensive toy. I felt the same for a moment.
I invite you to consider few things:

  * How much do you spend in entertainment technology per year?
  * How much do you spend in doctors, food supplements, therapists?
  * How much do you value your health and wellbeing?

This new revolution in holistic health is supported by a conscious Network Marketing. If you choose to be part of it (it is optional), you simply introduce this technology around you and whoever buys it with you as a referant brings you nice commissions.

So with only some authentic sharing and enthusiasm, you can easily get back your investment and even generate an income, and at the same time help the people around you getting empowered and feeling better!

I call that a Win-Win!

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