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is a spiritual movement  especially created for the modern, spiritual young women, which is much into selflove and true emancipation. She is a very intuitive being and willing to cooperate with the help of spirituality to connect with the higher self and the divine.

On the other hand, she must deal with many factettes of the material world. Trying to survive in the jungle of business and money, is challenging her as a spiritual being on the highest level.

It is a constant ridge walk between the gross and subtle world.


Having a female soul is an awesome blessing which we should appreciate and worship in the most honoured way


This wonderful god’s creature is called women and needs a special attention.

To improve true femininity means to enhage inner qualities like, ability to love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, understanding, calmness, humbleness, kindness, sweetness and so much more.

We are women, mothers, wives, partners of successful man, lovers, best friends, business women, career fighters, the leaders of the world and more…

Our qualities are the one of the high priestesses, as we have many special benefits, comparing to man.

Such as we have deep intuition, endless big hearts and wonderful compassion, a unique understanding of love and a deep connection to mother Gaya.


If you want to be beautiful, look within


And what better way to look within than through ancient spiritual arts, arts that have been proven for thousands of years to create inner peace, confidence, and all those things that go into making a genuinely beautiful woman.

The modern women know it is not about nice nails, hairstyle and great makeup, it is about to empower yourself as a goddess and as spiritual women in the element of high priestess.


It is about to generate the conditions of femininity


At the love and spirit i will offer various kind of online products, happenings and live events for you, my dear goddess lady in the average age of 28 up to 49.


You have been


  • experiencing not simple childhood relationships
  • going through more than one though break-up which triggered a fundamental crisis of personality and life
  • experiencing many transformations so far, especially in love
  • losing your truth, your faith in yourself
  • lacking on ability to express your femininity
  • becoming insecure in romantic relationships
  • emotionally depending and vulnerable
  • getting disconnected to the higher self
  • getting confused about your calling and life paths

My tools are spiritual and inspired help by spirit leaded inputs


I help you by your self-healing and thus come back to your feminine power to live up to your full potential as a woman. Through healing and guidance to self-love, you become able to love again and can thereby get a fulfilling relationship live without emotional dependence.


By joining one of the programs of you will be able to


  • get back into your full power of being a woman
  • love yourself again and live in peace with your past
  • transform your life from Cinderella ones into living in a queen’s life
  • have a fulfilling relationship with you and others
  • find and recognize your soulmates
  • live your true potential and entirely in the element of the high priestess
  • get access to the spiritual power and be a true goddess
  • recognize your path of life and your calling crystal clear
  • get into the stage of peace of mind
  • be more successful in business by being a spiritual woman

You are a divine, wonderful and magnetic goddess! What you deserve is only the best!


I am here to serve and help you to get back on track into your female power with the help of spirt. Let me guide you, my dear lovely lady, trough the most powerful metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly! My work is in conjunction with the divine and sustainable to the wellbeing of humanity.

The future belongs to the woman, because once again back in her feminine power she is the only one who can save the world! It is your decision!

For more information please contact me or subscribe for one of my powerful unique gifts.

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