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Distance healing by request

This Tailormade healing program is a combination of distance healing, liberation rituals for cleansing
of the Aura, mindset resetting and coaching.

  • Many methods can be used by me as appropriate:
  • Distance healing trough energy transmission,
  • mindset check-ups and resets with affirmations and mantras,
  • as well liberation rituals by Anton Styger,
  • forgiveness and gratitude rituals and prayers
  • and many more….

If physical, mental or psychological disease or any other uncomfortable circumstances in your life,
everything is based in the past and rooted in your current energy.
By healing of the past and sometimes past life, trough forgiveness and change of mindset and
attitude most sicknesses or bad circumstances can be solved.
sometimes immediately only by a little impulse we can change the whole world we live in.

Available on as package of min 3 times 1-hour Session.
Please contact me to get clarity about your personal solution





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