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Free spirit coaching


Micro coaching package

This 5-hour spiritual coaching package I recommend especially for my clients which are on a spiritual
path and need some guidance in their spiritual development.

If you are on a spiritual path, which means you decided to follow our calling to live a truly spiritual
life. If you are using your spiritual power for your work as a therapist, reader, healer, you are going to
face obstacles and turbulences. Therefore, you need guidance and directly help to recover on your
own from the side effects of the precious help work you do on others.

You are probably facing a lot of negative forces which are pulling you down. To handle this, you need
to clean yourself up and get special protection.

You meet a lot of doubt and obstacles and have additional questions to get clarity on how to go on.
Or you maybe just want to improve your spiritual life and integrate it in your daily life
This is where I can give you a hand.

My experiences in the field of spirituality are grounded and based in many years of practise on my
own. As well I am a master in energy work and can help you to clean you to get balanced.
Beside my spiritual knowledge I use in this session also liberation rituals, blessings and energy

If you are not yet sure if you like to work with me, please book a Tarot reading coaching healing
Session first.

Once you feel comfortable with me you are ready for the free spirit coaching mini package

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