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Soul card and growth card reading


This is a special reading technique to understand about one’s path and goal of life by analysing the
Number of your birth.
The soul card gives us an insight about the main topic we have in our lives and the main force of all
our being.
It helps us to understand much more about why we are going through various challenges in our life
and how to handle it for the higher best.
The growth card is every year different as it combinates the number of the current year and our date
of birth.
This is very helpful to set goals and understand on what we need to be focused as well to be wiser in
decisions and handle challenges of every kind in the current year.
It depends on one’s soul card how we must understand the growth card and how we can be most
successful in the current year.

I suggest to this reading every year, especially at the beginning of the year, but can also be done
every six months or quarterly.
It is for sure most beneficial guidance which has a huge positive sustainable impact for your year.
As well it can be very helpful as a tool for career path and calling readings.

While this reading I will show you cards on the monitor.

Recorded video calls over Zoom.com
Time agreement by e-mail or chat. Payment needs to be done in advance.

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