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Nowadays there more than ever many of us face huge requirements and stress factors in our life, which can lead to mental health disturbance with many side effects.

But mostly is this just a trigger of unreleased blockages which are based on our past or even past life. A past happening that has never been digested or worked out and is stored deep inside of us over years or centuries, can impact our overall life negatively. It is like a chain reaction and one happening and situation leads to the other which is appropriate to the pattern. This can lead to chronic depression, anxiety, and many other disturbances in inner and outer life.

If we contact medical doctors to help us, it can be a long process of therapies and even medical medication, without getting ever to the roots. Not even sure if we can get cured.

This is the moment when many desperately realize they have been set on the wrong therapy and then finally they are opening up for spiritual help.

Here is exactly where I can assist you, with my abilities, which are based on fundamental spiritual knowledge, tarot and astrology, healing methods and power, psychic abilities, and personal coachings, such as crisis management and empowerment.

With my strategy of root cleaning, we will work on past, back to childhood and past relationships, trauma, aura clarity, mindset, visions, and spiritual abilities.

I work only with committed clients, which are willing to work on themselves for as long as it needs to get cured and to get back their fulfilling and abundant life.

With an initial talk, we check out your current situation, your issues, and your goals. We can work out a VIP healing coaching program that is tailormade for your needs and results.

We will create transformation points and set goals, and get the right frame of weekly sessions on recorded zoom, call, or chat. Just the precise frame according to your needs and possibilities.

The average time of working together with me is 3 months and the client needs to have the time to do the inner, spiritual work tasks which are needed for his healing process. The willingness for a change in life, stepping out of the comfort zone, and readiness for the transformation is a must.


This Tailormade healing program is a combination of distance healing, liberation rituals for cleansing
of the Aura, mindset resetting, and coaching.

Many methods can be used by me as appropriate:
Distance healing through energy transmission,
mindset check-ups and resets with affirmations and mantras,
as well liberation rituals by Anton Styger,
forgiveness and gratitude rituals and prayers
and many more….

If physical, mental, or psychological disease or any other uncomfortable circumstances in your life,
everything is based on the past and rooted in your current energy.
By healing the past and sometimes past life, through forgiveness and a change of mindset and
the attitude most sicknesses or bad circumstances can be solved.
sometimes immediately only by a little impulse, we can change the whole world we live in.

Available as a package of min 5 times 1-hour sessions over Zoom, Call, or Chat
Please contact me to get clarity about your personal solution

If you are ready please fill in the form and let’s talk about you!


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