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Enhance spirituality – overcome challenges in spiritual development


Struggles in spiritual development Inability of connecting with soul/spirit Loss of direction in reaching spiritual calling


Through my work we will discover the roots of stagnation in spiritual development. Mainly the roots are based in self-doubt, negative energies in the aura, disturbance from spirits. This are normal obstacles which overcome one on spiritual path. Once we are working on our spirituality and entering the spiritual doorways we are facing various kind of obstacles, challenges and difficulties in any layers of life. Such as change in social surrounding, relationship problems or even separation, financial and technical issues, confusion, depression and other mental issues, physical disturbances and many more.

Exactly at this moment we need a guru, otherwise we are about to give up. In the west and east it is difficult to find one and unfortunately many are fake or using us for their profit.

So therefore, I am here for you as your experienced spiritual coach and teacher.

Once we discovered the roots we will focus on the next steps:

1. Releasing this blockage in energy
2. Working on your mindset
3. Reconnect you with the higher self


  • 1. Strengthen connection to soul/spirit
  • 2. Increase spiritual development
  • 3. Discover spiritual goal/calling


  • 1. Powerful coaching talks
  • 2. Mediation
  • 3. Pranayama
  • 4. Prayers / liberation rituals
  • 5. Mantra / Affirmations / Blessings
  • 6. EFT (Emotional freedom tapping)
  • 7. Mental healing
  • 8. Distance healing / energy transmissions
  • 9. Tarot
  • 10. Tao / Reiki hea


  • 1. Recorded video coaching talk sessions
  • 2. E-mail
  • 3. Live chats
  • 4. Audio calls

Tailormade offers appropriate to your needs and possibilities
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