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Agnes L. Santa Fee, USA

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“Recently I completed 10-weeks of life/spiritual coaching with Janine. The main reason for seeking coaching was because I needed guidance on how to get into a daily spiritual practice of meditating and praying. Meditation and prayers were always difficult for me to get into by myself (I have previously tried books, CD’s, watching videos but these did not work). In working with Janine, not only was I able to get into a daily practice of praying and meditating, but I received coaching on other areas of my life that, in some way, was hindering my ability to connect with the Divine.

I will admit that some sessions were tough, because some work required me to face challenging aspects of my life, both past and present. But it was necessary to face these challenges in order to move past blockages that kept me from moving towards my potential. With each coaching session (and beyond), Janine was there to support and guide me with her knowledge, intuition, honesty, and love.

For anyone wanting guidance/assistance in moving towards their potential – spiritually and emotionally, then coaching sessions with Janine are highly recommended!”

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