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Coaching support through divorce process – discovery of calling – increasement of femininity through self-love and care

You are in an unfulfilled relationship. Suffered for many years and lost the power of your femininity. You want to free yourself but, need more clarity about the way out and possibilities of after marriage

life. You want to follow your calling and get into the realisation of your professional dreams. You are confused about the next steps and cannot see the solutions. Emotionally you feel weak and This lets you compromise again and postpone your breakthrough into freedom.

What you need is clarity and guidance regarding the next steps. You need a coach which can help you get back your power of femininity and self-confidence.


* Desperation and emotional weakness by dependency
* Lack of power of femininity
* Loss of self esteem
* Fear of future
* Loss of future vision


* Unfulfilled relationship
* Intense attachments
* Lack of self-love
* Lack of love and appreciation in childhood


  • 1. Full power of femininity
  • 2. Emotional strength
  • 3. Courage and willingness to release from the current situation
  • 4. Elaborate concrete steps to action
  • 5. Feeing of dependency


  • 1. Powerful coaching talks
  • 2. Mediation
  • 3. Pranayama
  • 4. Prayers / liberation rituals
  • 5. Mantra / Affirmations / Blessings
  • 6. EFT (Emotional freedom tapping)
  • 7. Mental healing
  • 8. Distance healing / energy transmissions
  • 9. Tarot
  • 10. Tao / Reiki healing


  • 1. Recorded video coaching talk sessions
  • 2. E-mail
  • 3. Live chats
  • 4. Audio calls

Tailormade offers appropriate to your needs and possibilities
Please contact me for more information

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