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With my extensive life experiences, paranormal skills, spiritual wisdom, and knowledge of coaching, I am predestined to work as a powerful life coach, especially to overcome life crises successfully and through processes of healing and transformation. My special powerful tools are Tarot and Astrology, with which I can support you in the most beneficially.


Tarot is one of my passions. As a second-generation Tarot reader, I have been helping hundreds of clients. My Tarot Sessions are readings, healing, coaching all in one, and special sustainability for any kind of issue. With a Tarot Session, we can discover much more than you ever thought. The roots of your problems and hidden wishes come to be visible and guide you in the right way.


It is my calling to heal and I have been given a huge spiritual power which I am receiving as a divine vessel to help humanity. I work from distance with the power of unconditional love and compassion which is inspired by the beauty of the compassion of Buddha Kuan Yin and God’s mercy. Christ's love and light are endless springs of healing and prosperity. Angels are ready to call to assist us on our healing journey.


Astrology is a science that has been studied and used as a tool for divination over centuries. In the psychological Astrology of Huber, we have the knowledge to dive deeper into the depths to help our clients to understand the connections and roots of their issues and guide them on how to resolve these and move forward in a prosperous way.

Client Love

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