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Astrology it is a powerful way to guide my clients through their:

  • Transformations in changes of life
  • Decision making
  • Recognizing the roots of the blockages and their resolution
  • Relationship issues
  • Family and Clan dramas and traumas
  • Career and financial issues
  • And much more
I am a certified astrological life coach, by:
Astrologieschule, Uwe Sonnenschein, Brendweg 1/1, 78609 Tuningen, Germany (PDF)

My offers for you:

  • Chart Interpretation: General interpretation of your natal chart, including an analysis of the major life themes, challenges, and potentials revealed therein
  • Forecasting: The development of the natal chart over time, including interpretation of past, current, and future trends and events of your life
  • Vocational: An analysis of specific career and/or vocational potential shown in your natal chart
  • Personal Relationships: An analysis of relationship issues revealed in the client's natal chart, and of the themes emerging from chart comparison, in practical life, and on a soul level
  • Children's Charts: General interpretation of the major themes and potentials indicated in the natal charts of your children
  • Ongoing Work: Indicates on an ongoing basis you as my client through a certain process or transformation, such as healing and major life changes
  • Business Astrology: Analysis of specific issues concerning companies, business development, and finance matters
  • Esoteric Astrology: Work for clients wishing to use astrology for spiritual understanding and self-development.
  • Horary Astrology: for clients with a specific question. Horary astrology is the art of interpreting a chart that is drawn up “at the moment” a question is asked.


Available as:

  • 90 Min. Astrological coaching on the topic of your choice, recorded Zoom or Skype Session: CHF 270 CHF
  • Astrological Coaching Package 3 Sessions of 90 Min.: CHF 779
  • Astrology - Tarot Coaching Package 3 Sessions of 90 Min: CHF 779
  • Other packages are as well available as tailor-made coaching Programs by your choice.

Please contact me here to schedule your session.

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