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Personal VIP Coaching

Online Coaching – Tailormade offers – sustainable lifetime solutions

  • Enhance of Spirituality
  • Crisis Management
  • Selflove and care
  • Solve patterns of behaviour
  • Release energy blockages
  • Aura cleansing
  • Past and Karma releasing
  • Discovering of calling
  • Life paths guidance
  • Relationship workout
  • Empower of femininity
  • Carrier and skill management
  • Healing support
  • and more…

Healing Retreats in Bali: Small groups up to 3 people or 1:1

  • Exclusive VIP healing coaching Retreat in Bali
  • Coaching – Recovering – Healing – Rejuvenation
  • Join me for 5 days intense coaching, one by one, on the powerful island of Bali

Do you feel…

  • Tired of your life?
  • Exhausted and overwhelmed?
  • Lost in the everyday life?
  • Confused about your life purpose?
  • Do you know it is time for a change?
  • Do you hear your soul is calling you, but don’t know how to connect?

Would you like to…

  • Completing the past clean?
  • Heal and rejuvenate yourself?
  • Reconnect to your soul and heart
  • Recognize your life path?
  • Discover your inner truth and deepest wishes?

And are you ready for…

  • A deep cleansing of soul, mind and body?
  • An extraordinary life changing experience?
  • Get a sustainable positive impact for your lifetime?

Than I have the right solution for you!

  • Spend exclusive time with me as an intuitive coach, healer and spiritual teacher.
  • Discover the nature of your own soul and deepest wishes at the unique scenery of Bali.
  • Join me for a deep adventure trip with your soul, mind and body.
  • Through the power of nature, we are connecting to our higher self and the divine power.

I will be there for you and…

  • guide you through an intense process of healing
  • Hold your hands through the time of 5 full days
  • Help you discovering your own deep soul and life purpose

We are going to…

  • Have daily coaching sessions
  • Mediations and regularly healing energy transmissions
  • Practice of cleansing of soul, mind and body
  • Exercise helpful spiritual and healing practices
  • Sightseeing and pilgrimage to Bali’s hidden power places

Special Benefit only available at my VIP Coaching Retreats

  • Accompanying remote healing by my partner healers from US and India

You will have the unique chance to benefit of my…

  • personal spiritual power
  • knowledge as an intuitive coach and healer
  • experience of spirituality
  • knowledge of the island Bali and it’s spiritual sides

The program includes…

  • Accommodation, catering for 5 days
  • All transportation cost (without travel cost)
  • My company and services mentioned above

Contact me for more information or for free initial talk.

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