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My mother was a Tarot reader and Astrologer, so I am second generation Tarot reader. Since childhood I am highly empathic and have psychic abilities.

I am connected to the spiritual world through my soul and ghost leader which is helping me to see the truth and guide my clients. I have inner pendulum which is assisting me for special questions. It is my calling to help as many people as possible from all around the world.

I am living in Asia since many years, where I practice spirituality in daily life. My connection to Asia is very deep, but also to many other cultures in the world. I have a very huge life experience which predestines me as a life coach. As mother and grandmother, I have the feeling of compassion and a certain maturity which gives a motherly feeling for all my clients.

The way I work is using the Raider Tarot cards, not only to give you predictions, rather as well to have a deep look into your current situation, the past and into the depths of your soul. I see what needs to be released, to be healed and will coach you about what to do next on the way of your life.

My Tarot Sessions are readings, healing and coaching all in one and are special sustainable.

While the reading I am transmitting the positive energy of love to you through my voice. Because of my huge compassion and love for human beings I have special energy to share. This is a special benefit of my readings which only my clients can tell you about.

I am very quickly connected to you and have a familiar feeling for you, and you loved ones. For me we are all one and here to help and serve each other’s. To help people is not just a business it is the meaning of my life for me.

Surely, I can help you with small to big issues, guidance and imputes for decisions in love and relationship, job and career, business and finances, home and family, spirituality and health. If you trust me, please give me your hand I am ready to support you and guide you through your transformations. Contact me for more information or for free initial talk.

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