How to find peace of mind, even you are having a lot of problems right now and think there is no way out...


Namaste & Aloha

My name is Janine Wolf, I am psychic, spiritual coach, healer, tarot reader, love converter.

It is my calling to help humanity. My abilities to see into the depths as psychic are a special benefit to help to discover your truth. I can see the root problems of your struggles and support you step by step to be fundamentally healed on every level of soul-mind-body.

If you are feeling lost in the everyday madness of this crazy world and you want to:

Then I am here to help you!

"Today's life system in the western world demand's a lot from us and leave us very little time for ourselves and contact with the soul and nature."

In many cases, we can only survive because we function like a machine. But even a machine has a soul and needs some care.


You may be feeling out of place, burdened with expectations, overwhelmed with worldly matter... there is this whole crazy world out there and everyone is screaming at you: Do this! Buy this! Listen to me!


You feel a connection with the universe, but do not know how to communicate with it


Trying to escape the stress? Distracting yourself from endless cycles? This only digs you deeper into the hole, taking you further away from destined path of life. The solutions you seek for are within you!

This stagnation can manifest in many symptoms

You try to distract yourself and reduce your stress with simulation centers. This, however, takes you further and further away from your soul and obscures the clarity of your life path

This stagnation can manifest in many symptoms...

This causes the darkening of your aura, lowering its vibration, attracting negative energy into your life. Making it impossible for you to grow spiritually or as an individual.

The way out of this vicious circle Is…


Slow down

Take the time to work on yourself, focus on the goals you would like to achieve in life and try taking the first step towards it. Minimize your distractions, harmonise your vibration putting your mind at peace, doing so will allow you to connect with your spiritual self.


Clean up your energy

Trough spiritual energetic purification of soul, mind & body. Let go of any grief you hold on from the past, forgive yourself and others. Cleanse your diet, with natural herbs, exercise your mind and body.


Reconnect with your soul

After a deep cleanse, you will feel change, reborn, you will feel a connection to higher power, an awakening. This will be a start to a new spiritual journey, allowing you to manifest balance, harmony, peace of mind and everything else you have always searched for with respect to divine order.


Recognize life's path through spiritual guidance

We are connected to the spiritual world, following our spirits will give us clarity. From now on every made will be the right one. Every connection will be fulfilling and every place we go will be beneficial. We are in harmony with divine order and reach peace of mind.


Learn spiritual practices and self-healing methods that can be integrated into everyday life

It is necessary to maintain the clear state of mind we have worked so hard towards. Maintaining the high spiritual vibration by doing spiritual and healing practices. Spiritual cleaning and maintenance of soul relationship and spiritual frequency by regularly spiritual cleansing is a must like other everyday activities. Your Aura will shine forever, and the glow of prosperity!

You are one step away to reach your peace of mind!

How long can you keep on going in your current condition?

Every day of waiting and push in front of you is a waste of lifetime and energy.

The longer you wait, the longer you allow yourself to be on the wrong track. Having toxic temporary connections, losing sight of the goal.

Uplift yourself, your energy and live the life you deserve, full of abundance and equilibrium.

Put an end to the wait, take one step towards the future and give me your hand. I am here to help you!

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